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Holiday Eevee

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Doodles From 1999


Years ago I kept a daily journal written by hand each night, and slowly but surely I've been typing them up, converting to digital. I finished 1999 a few months back. It was a fun year to revisit, filled with great Pokémon memories. Alongside the writing I would often draw little doodles. Most of them are tiny and messy, but there were enough Pokémon I decided it would be nice to compile and share them. Lots of Pikachu in there, back when I still loved that precious electric rat.

Journal Doodles '99

Happy Holidays!


It's that time of year when there's no time to finish everything before the end of the year. Good thing my friend Splash gives me an excuse to do some Pokémon art once in a while.

Holiday Eevee

The Rats Have Been At It


I decided I could use a relaxing Sunday and my tablet was already hooked up, so I went at it. I've still got my eye on the eventual goal of drawing all the first gens, so I used the opportunity to cross off Rattata and Raticate.


Busy, BUSY Year, This


Apologies for the art drought! I have just been so busy this year. But my friend Splash did have her birthday recently, so I made a point of at least doing something for the occasion.

Pokémon Birthday

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