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New art of Growlithe today. Nasty Jynx has sat in the recent addition slot quite long enough!

Magnets In Motion


Good daily run here at SP!, huh? Seven new pieces added in the last six days. I hope everyone's enjoyed the train of new art as much as I did making it. Time to round out the week where we started, with brief animations of both Magnemite and Magneton.

Ugly and Icy


The daily updates continue, this time with Jynx. Verily, this hideous creature had to appear on the site sooner or later.

Big Noses Run In The Species


Today's addition to the site is Hypno!

Goldeen, Goldeen, GOLDEEN, GOLDEEN


I believe the title says it all.

The Punchy Pokémon


Today's addition to the site is Hitmonchan!

Gotta Draw 'Em All


It seems like anyone who's been drawing Pokémon as long as I have should have drawn them all by now, but I've actually got a ways to go. As part of the anniversary celebration of buying my Red Version all those years ago, I thought it would be appropriate to close the gap some between Kanto's 151 and the 107 I'd done. Yesterday's Magneton made 108, and today's EKANS makes it 109. Enjoy!

Another Anniversary


Six months since the last update, a year since the last actual art update, and even longer since the last piece of new art. Hope I didn't give anyone the impression that Pokémon WITS was the end of my fandom. I've been busy, but as my 17th anniversary as a Pokémon player drew near, I decided it'd be cool to celebrate big to make up for the dry spell. So here's something very new, my first 3D Pokémon artwork in 7.5 years. I've finally said farewell to Corel Dream 3D and gone for it in Blender. I present Magneton! And because I had to create it along the way, here's Magnemite as well!

Magneton Magnemite

I also have more fan art done and soon to be done that I'll be posting in the coming days, so I hope you'll look forward to it!

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