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Archives for 2004

Wow, Has It Been That Long?


I knew I'd been letting things slide where updates are concerned, but I had no idea it had been nearly two months... They haven't been the greatest two months of my life, I must confess, so a lot of my projects have fallen into inactivity. However, starting with the new year I'm going to be setting myself some resolutions, one of which is to finish bringing in the huge back-lot of artwork, and really start to promote Sneasel Plushie with links, advertising, and affiliations! For now, check out the Photoshop Miscellaneous gallery where a Rapidash and Seviper have been added.

Sneasel Plushie Is Recognized!


Hooray! Yesterday, typing in "sneasel plushie" on Google returned results totally irrelevant to this site. Today, type the same words and Sneasel Plushie! comes up as result #1 on the search! It's about time! ^_^

fab's Fan Fiction


Slowly but surely filling in the site, section by section. Today in the "More From fab" area of the site, you can find a few pieces of fan fiction written by yours truly. I'm by no means a well-known fic writer whatsoever, but the few who have read my work seemed to all enjoy it. ^_^

Back! Levels Added


Back from vacation, and of course with a total of 5 1/2 days in the car it's only natural that I played plenty of Pokémon! So, I decided to add a section which displays my Pokémon teams and their levels, just for the fun of it. You can find it in the "More From fab" section on the left. While it would seem this has nothing to do with artwork, there is a surprise! All of the small Pokémon images used in the Levels section were done by me, and are a small preview of what's to come when I find the time to add the Corel styled artwork to the site!

Just Common Stuff


No new art additions to speak of today. However I have cleaned up the site a lot. Minor pages such as the FAQ, Affiliation, and so on have been added to the site at last. The less "page not found" messages we can get around here the better. Also, though there aren't many visitors reading these updates as of yet, I just want to let any wandering visitor that I'm going to be out of town for a couple of weeks, so things will be even more quiet than usual around here.

Fresh New Trainer Art Gallery!


Remember those new images I said I was working on awhile ago? Well, they're a small series of trainers, five in all. I have added them to a new gallery under the Photoshop section. May, Marina, Jasmine, Flannery, and Morty are the trainers you can find there.

More And More


Today I've added 2 galleries, which hold a total of 12 pieces of artwork, each of the Photoshop style. Links are to the left of course, new galleries being the Eeveelutions Project and the True Art Series.

Photoshop Miscellaneous Gallery In Place


A five day gap, ouch! Well, I have been drawing several new images in the past few days, which takes priority over uploading old ones. ;) Today though, I've started on uploading the Photoshop galleries, beginning with the Miscellaneous section. That means there are 12 pieces of artwork added to the site, so be sure to check them out. The rest of the Photoshop style images are next to come.

3D Galleries Complete!


Not only did I manage to finish up all the 3D galleries, but I also improved on the work I did yesterday! I have such a huge amount of Pokémon art that needs posting, it will certainly take awhile to get all the galleries set up, plus I continue to make more all the time. Between yesterday and today I have sketched 15 pictures of characters from the cartoon series. Hopefully I'll get the time to CG some of them and add them to the site in the Photoshop galleries-- which are next on my list by the way.

Galleries Begun


Okay, consider this this the first real update! ^_^ Starting September off by creating the 3D galleries. You can find them over on the left bar of course. Not that anybody is reading this at the moment, seeing as the site was just built and has no visitors. :P Hopefully that will change soon. ^_^

Now We're In Business!


You wouldn't believe it, but I spent the majority of today finishing up that last 10% of the site's layout. I kept changing little things, adding to it, rearranging the php coding, etc., etc., and I think it's finally tweaked about as much as it can be for now. The change which took the longest, and which may have been the most important long-term fix, is the "official" Sneasel Plushie image, found in the upper left corner! That is a brand new piece of artwork, created on this day for this site. Tomorrow, I begin to add the galleries! Thanks to SapphireDewgong for a bit of support and feedback.

So It Begins...


Well, it's taken a long time today, trial and error, all that sort of thing, but at last here we are. The site's layout is about 90% complete, certainly functional. Naturally 99% of the sections are non-existent, and the content along with them. Still, the site is up and running, and that's what's important! Everything can only get better from here, and hopefully by the end of the week I'll be ready for visitors to come and enjoy the galleries.

Inspiration Leading to Layout


Some time back, I created a little site on the web for displaying my Pokémon fan art. It was a really nice and cool looking layout, but very simple and primitive as well. I only got so far into the process of getting my art organized and uploaded before things suddenly came to a halt. Though I kept meaning to get back to it, nothing more came of the small, half-finished site... That is, until today. Just out of curiosity, I clicked a link that lead to a site called Suta-Raito, which at its core has a pile of one person's fan art. It has a happy layout and a good feel, and it looks as though it has become hugely popular despite its limited content. Thus, I was inspired to take my little nowhere web site and turn it into something to be proud of. I have begun an all new professionally designed layout.

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