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Archives for 2006

So Winter Begins, Enter Round 7


New season, new Coloring Contest, you know the routine! Or at least you should know it. What kind of person could visit Sneasel Plushie! and not be familiar with these contests, I ask you? Anyhow, to get to the point, the featured Pokémon this time around is Mightyena, a Hoenn Pokémon at last. Somehow I find this Pokémon rather difficult to properly draw, so I hope everyone enjoys the line art and the extra effort that went into getting it (hopefully) looking right. What more can I say, please color! I want to see all kinds of fantastic looking Mightyena coming in over the next 2 months. Happy Holidays, everyone!

SP! Welcomes VN!


Sneasel Plushie! has gained a new affiliate, Valley of Nightmares! This is a site we have always been quite fond of, so if you aren't familiar with them then we highly suggest you head over there and give the place a look!

Already? Yes!


Fortunate judging coordination has resulted in expedited proceedings which amount to the completion of the pursuit of the final decision! Or to say it simply, we have the judging done sooner than ever before! This is the first occasion which has included a tie, and also an extra big congrats to Emerald Flygon whose entry was the number one choice of all five judges!

1st Place - Emerald Flygon
2nd Place - ~**Lovelydarkness**~
3rd Place - Knightblazer & Ho-oh Lover

Autumn Presents Miltank


Well, the coloring contest entry period has come to an end, and all 13 submissions are up for your viewing pleasure. Judging is already in progress. That is all for now.

Pull Out Your Magnifying Glasses...


Believe it or not, we have a new section in place which was originally planned out almost completely one whole year from this very day (total coincidence, quite freaky). I kept meaning to get around to finishing up the last of the details and adding it to the site, but it eventually got kind of forgotten, sort of... In any case, here it is at last, a Clue Hunt! Not exactly art-related per se, but hopefully fun, and it should get people looking around the site, perhaps in places they haven't ventured before...

2 Years, 2 Months


Sneasel Plushie!'s birthday is technically back in September, but this is the date that the site really took a step up, so it's the one I've remembered to celebrate. SP! is now 2 years and 2 months old!

Sneasel Plushie!

Humor Or Horror?


Every so often, I take a look at Sneasel Plushie!'s tracking stats. Today I noticed that someone had come to the site by way of a Google search, the keywords being "pieces of Blastoise." Somehow I couldn't help but laugh at the mental image, and decided it would be a fun drawing to whip up. So, here I present to you Pieces of Blastoise, which upon completion struck me as being right in season for Halloween... Body parts scattered about and all. XD

My apologies for the lack of activity here at SP! I'm afraid I just haven't had any spare time to give to the site.

It's That Time Again!


A new season begins and so does the next coloring contest! Out of the choices made by the previous contest's 2nd place winner, I decided Gengar was too plain from a coloring perspective, and Pachirisu was out since I had just drawn it myself and couldn't come up with a good pose for it... Thus, I ended up going with Miltank as the new feature Pokémon. It's not one of my personal favorites but I've done my best to come up with some nice line art, and I hope all of you will do your best to bring it to life with your coloring!

Superior Scyther Showcase


I could have named this update, "The Coloring Contest Results I Promised You Yesterday," but what fun would that be? Behold and congrats to the winners!

1st Place - Flygonzilla
2nd Place - SapphireDewgong
3rd Place - Ho-oh Lover

Pachirisu... ZAP!


Yes, I finally finished up the Pachirisu that's been sitting at 90% completion for weeks! Once again I went with the upright, simple look as with Naetoru... I don't know what else to say other than have a look see. While you're at it, head to the Mega Man gallery for a new picture of Data done as a birthday present.

To all of you patiently waiting for the coloring contest results, I'll have them tomorrow for sure!

Two Months Of Summer Gone Already


Two thirds of the season having passed, of course means that so has the entry period for the latest coloring contest. As such, you can now find all the participating images here. Many a sweet looking Scyther, I must say. Expect the announcement of the winners within a week or two. Good luck everyone!



Though the Pachirisu pic is still in the works, I got ahead of myself by coloring one of the new starters. Based purely on appearance, I picked out Naetoru as my favorite for now. I hope you all enjoy the new image. It's not really an elaborate picture, but somehow I felt simplicity worked well for this one in particular.

I've also thrown a random picture of Tuttle into the Mega Man gallery.

They Come In Pairs


My 3D images, whenever I add them, seems it's two at a time, don't know why... Ah well, double fun for 3D Pokémon art lovers I suppose! The important one of the two is Vaporeon, which was done as a gift for one of my very best friends, whose birthday happens to be today! So, happy birthday Splashie! I hope you like it! The other image is Hoppip, for which I had the model completed awhile ago and decided it was time to add in the background and wrap things up. Both images can of course be found in the 3D Gallery.

I haven't forgotten about Pachirisu, I've just been too busy since I got back from my vacation. Hopefully I'll find time to color him soon. I also have some sketches for the new Diamond and Pearl starter Pokémon which were announced recently. I may color them as well, though I'm not sure yet... Oh, and on a side note, the coloring contest is down to 2 weeks remaining for entries.

We'll Be Back Before You Know It


Hello all! I'm heading off on vacation for a bit, but I thought I'd leave you with some last minute sketches before I depart. I hope you like them, they'll likely be colored eventually.


No Longer A Lone Plushie


So many people come to this site through searches for plushies, I started feeling bad about it. I figured the least I could do is provide a few of them for people to "adopt," as they call it. Just five for now, though I'll probably add a new one now and then, they're kinda fun to draw. Anyway, if you're interetested have a look at the new Plushies page.

Welcome to Summer!


Surely everyone knows by now that the start of the new season means the start of the latest coloring contest as well! This time the Pokémon is the awesome Scyther! What more can I say, get coloring if you feel so inclined! I hope everyone enjoys coming up with their entries, and has a happy summer to boot!



A brand new piece of artwork has arrived, behold Letaligon! Sorry, it's not a new Diamond/Pearl Pokémon, but it's still pretty cool nonetheless. Letaligon is a fake, originally created by Dragonfree over at our affiliate site, The Cave of Dragonflies. The picture was the requested award as winner of the coloring contest. Hope she likes it, and I hope you all do too... I actually finished a prize picture within a week, fancy that!

Spring '06 Winners


My apologies to everyone for the wait on this. One of the judges was "out of town" so to speak, so it was beyond my control. But no matter, a delay is a delay. It would only be unforgivably late if we were all ready to start on the next one, which is still over 2 weeks away. Anyway, thanks to all participants for continuing to make these contests a success, and applause of a round for these three!

1st Place - Dragonfree
2nd Place - Pixen
3rd Place - SilverFire

Your Gut Is Blowin' My Mind!


Another addition has finally been made to the Pokémon Trainers gallery! It's been awhile since that page has seen any action, but now you can find a brand new piece of unexpected artwork starring a very unusual trainer. I just may be the first one to ever draw fan art for the guy... Then again, probably not. There has to be someone as strange as I who's already beaten me to it.

Judging scores for the coloring contest are in. The results and awards shall be revealed tomorrow if all goes well. Keep on truckin' dudes! Heh-heh-hey!

All Contest Entries Are In! + A New Affiliate


The Spring Coloring Contest has come to an end! The entry period, that is. You can check out all of the beautiful submissions right here, and before long the judges will have the winners picked out of the bunch. It's gonna be difficult though, there are some really, really nice ones in abundance! On a side note, take a moment and pay a visit to Etsu's Hideout, our newest affiliate!

Lapras, Gyrados and Then Some


I finally got around to finishing the requested picture for Who Said Pikachu? who won the winter coloring contest. They asked for a Lapras and Gyarados together in a friendly embrace, so go take a look at how it turned out! While at it, I uploaded two newish pictures to the Miscellaneous Gallery. Puyo and Gaara are the names.



It's rather amazing how many hours you can sink into a site and still not come up with anything that equals a solid update... As a result, April somehow passed by with total silence, and I apologize. I still don't have anything exciting ready, yet, but hopefully there'll be something new soon. In the meantime, why not head over to the new Icons page?

Spheres... in 3D!


After a bit of a motivation drought, when I should have been working on so many other things, I opened up Corel Dream 3D and went to work. I made two Pokémon, Voltorb and Electrode, which are just about the easiest Pokémon to possibly model. However, though I may have had them both done in under an hour, I proceeded to create their surroundings -a full 3D rendition of the Fire Red/Leaf Green power plant which took some time- and gave my all to make some really interesting pictures out of some simple Pokémon. Check out the results in the 3D Scenes gallery.

Just In Time!


Eek! I didn't realize until half-way through today that it's officially spring now! As soon as work was finished I grabbed my sketchpad and pencil and got busy on the new line art for the Spring Coloring Contest. Dragonite's the chosen one this time. Not one of my personal favorites, but I came up with a pose that I really like! Color it people, please! Color away!

Contest Winners Decided!


The last, elusive judge finally came through with the goods, which means the votes were counted and the results were:

1st Place - Who Said Pikachu?
2nd Place - SilverFire
3rd Place - Emerald Flygon

A big congratulations to the winners, and a round of applause for all participants!

Contest Entries, and Then Some


Entry period for the winter Coloring Contest has come to and end, with a little higher participation count than the autumn one! Check out this page to see them all. Judging is already underway.

I also made 4 new affiliation buttons just for the fun of it, and added 4 new avatars to the bunch.

Vaporeon & Flareon Finally Fulfilled


Poor Emerald Flygon has been waiting over two months for their reward for winning the Autumn Coloring Contest. The long wait is over though, as I've finished their request at last! A duo picture of Vaporeon & Flareon awaits them and the rest of you in the general Photoshop gallery, or as always you can click to the right to see the latest piece of added artwork (for as long as it's still the newest, that is).

Also added two new pictures to my non-Pokémon galleries, Astro Mammoth in Originals and Aibon in Miscellaneous.

Welcome to the Next Generation


Munchlax, Bonsly, Manene, Manyula, Lucario... None of the 4th generation Pokémon ever really inspired me, until today. I read about a new Pokémon this morning called Manafi and well, there went the majority of my day off work. It was fun though, spur of the moment artwork always is. Weird but cute I say, enjoy the new picture!

Oh, while I'm at it I updated my level pages because I've been playing Sapphire for the first time in awhile and got three Pokémon to L100 this past week. Yay!
Only a week left for the Delibird Coloring Contest! Chow!

Ninetales Gets Steamed


I'm refering to my latest piece of artwork which has now been added. It features Ninetales in a tropical, volcanic island setting. Done as a (late) Christmas present for a close friend. Next picture to take care of will be a Flareon & Vaporeon requested by Emerald Flygon, on which I've already started. I'm going to try to get some other things taken care of around the site as well though.

First Artwork of the New Year!


At last I managed to get a polished piece of artwork all finished! Funny thing is, it's actually one I started last March--very unusual for me, as I'm usually driven to complete a picture once I start. Anyway, it's the Metagross that's been hanging around the -New Art In Progress- area for awhile now. Hope you all like it!

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