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Sayonara, 2007!


I must say, this wasn't my best year on record. For once I'm actually looking forward to saying goodbye to 2007 later tonight, rather than looking back on a year's worth of good memories. Not that this has anything to do with art really but in the spirit of wrapping up what's behind and looking forward to what's ahead, I've collected the lingering pieces of 2007 artwork to add to the site here.

First up and most importantly are the two Pokémon pictures I did as Christmas gifts for friends. In one, Mew, Cleffa and Buneary appear along with my friend Dia. In the other, a tired Vaporeon rests as a Lapras swims gently by in Sandbar Snooze. The latter is actually a still shot taken from the actual gift I gave, which was a Flash animation screensaver. It may appear here on SP! later if I should feel inspired to do another couple which would then make a new page on the site justifiable.

Additionally I've added four new pieces to the Mega Man gallery. One is another of my 30+ Hour semi-self-proclaimed masterpieces done for my other website, Battle On Lake Jyun. The other three, just silly ones done quickly on lunch breaks back in August. I'm not even going to bother linking directly to them. If they were any sillier, they'd be doodles!

It Was You Buzzin', You Naughty Boy


Today's update has a short version and a long version. The short version is that there's a new picture in the 3D gallery entitled Combee: Busy Bees A Buzzin'.

The long version begins with my apologies for two and a half months of nothing here at Sneasel Plushie! Not only have I been busy with other tasks, I'm also stuck in an artistic rut. Anything and everything I've started drawing in the past 3 months or so just hasn't turned out well, or I find I don't have the artistic energy needed to see it through. This is unusual for me, so hopefully this period will come to an end soon.

Now, generally I would encourage an artist who is not in the mood to create art, to simply not create art until they feel good and ready. However, when one creates a website based entirely off of their artwork (as I have done with SP!) then there is a certain obligation to come up with new work at a reasonable pace. Therefore, I decided to do a new picture and bring this site back to life. If you happened to skip the short version (which I'm not sure is possible, but just in case), the title is Combee: Busy Bees A Buzzin', and it's a 3D image. I figured since I'm presently incapable of drawing worth a crap, at least I could do some 3D modelling which is of course an entirely different way to create a picture. I chose a simple Pokémon so that I could do it quickly, but as usual the background scenery more than made up for the time saved. XP Hope you enjoy.

Absol VS Mother Nature


Been pretty slow around here, eh? Well, I've got something good for you that ought to make up for it... Actually it's not for you, 'tis for Pheonix, one of the winners of the last coloring contest, who requested "an Absol, running from some sort of natural disaster, like a thunderstorm or tornado." I hope this adequately suffices. I present, Escape from Nature.

At Last, Final Results


Apologies to everyone out there who has eagerly been awaiting the names of the winners of the coloring contest. I did not receive the results from two of the judges until today, but now that I have them I've wasted no time in getting them out. Remember there are two categories which means six winning positions and two request prizes. A very great congratulations to the winners for their superb coloring jobs, and a most enthusiastic round of applause to the runners up who received very favorable votes.
Normal Category Creative Category

1st Place to qu-ko
2nd Place to VaporeonSplash
3rd Place to Scenice

1st Place to Pheonix
2nd Place to Tabor
3rd Place to salimus
As I have already stated, this has been the final, regular coloring contest after a very successful run of two full years. Thanks be to all the participants in this and all previous contests for making each one a fun and worthwhile experience.

Summertime, All Entries Aboard


Yesterday was the first day of summer and the end of the submission period for the Spring Coloring Contest. Today I present to you, as I usually do at this time, the complete entries page where all manner of Mewtwo shall forever be remembered. Thanks to everyone who entered, and I hope you'll look forward to the upcoming results.

But... Why Spinda?!


Like so many Pokémon players I'm sure, I have long desired a legit, non-red-Gyrados shiny Pokémon. It's not that it really matters, but when you've played as many hundreds of hours of the games as I have, it leaves you feeling darn unlucky not to have run into one... No longer for me though! Just over a week ago as I was raising my Claydol on Sapphire, I came across a shiny Spinda! With no Pokémon on my party low enough to weaken it, I just threw 7 Premier Balls and BAM, gotcha! Remarkably, 4 wild Pokémon later there came another one, another shiny Spinda! Unbelievable! After all this time, two shiny Pokémon literally within 5 minutes of each other, and both of them stupid Spinda! XP I am grateful though to finally have a shiny, and I drew a new picture to celebrate the occasion.

#250, That Big Red & Gold Bird!


It may have taken longer to getting around to finishing this than I had anticipated, but Ho-oh is here nonetheless! This is a delayed prize for Ho-oh Lover who won the last coloring contest about 2 months back or so. Ho-oh is NOT an easy Pokémon to draw, but I think I did all right, and the angle is nothing generic either! Thank goodness for 3D reference modeling. ;)

On the subject of coloring contests, tomorrow would have been the last day to submit entries for the current and final contest, but due to a somewhat lacking number of entries I have decided to extend the time till the end of the season. In short, there is still 1 month left now to submit an entry for the Spring '07 Coloring Contest! Remember there are two categories this time, which means two chances to win! The Ho-oh above is a good example of the time and hard work I put into the winning requests, and all you have to do to earn such a picture is color Mewtwo better than the rest!

More Diamond & Pearl Pokés


Things have been pretty dead around here, so I thought I'd remedy the situation by whipping up a few more 4th generation pics. And I do mean whip up, just like the two I did early in March. I present to you, Snover and Lumineon. I hope everyone out there is enjoying their new Diamond and Pearl games!

I'm currently working on a real piece, featuring Ho-oh so please look forward to it! Also, don't forget about the coloring contest! Remember, it's the last one we'll be having, so if you want to join in please do so by all means. There's still a little over 3 weeks to get your entries in!

How Are Your Old Pokémon These Days?


This isn't an update, but rather an announcement to spread awareness to anyone who hasn't heard yet. A terrible loss is occuring around the world.

On March 17th I turned on my Silver version for the first time in months, only to find my file was no longer there. I could think of no reason for this disaster, but I had to accept that my piles of beloved Pokémon and the memories that went along with my 700+ hours of play had been erased and were gone forever... Roughly 10 days later my brother turned on his own Silver version to find the same fate had befallen his Pokémon. After investigating online, it seems this is happening to everyone with a Gold, Silver or Crystal game pak. The batteries which store the files are running or have run down. We also read that the same is expected to happen to Red, Blue and Yellow versions before long.

I wasn't about to lose any of my very first Red Version Pokémon this way. Fortunately I have a N64 with copies of Pokémon Stadium and Stadium 2. If those of you with these older versions can do the same, I urge you to check your RBY & GSC games and move your Pokémon from them ASAP if they have not been lost already.

A question a lot of people will surely have for the future is whether or not the same will happen to Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald someday. No worries there, as it seems the Pokémon are stored differently. When the batteries in those games die out, only clock-based events should be affected.

Added Later:
A fan wrote in with some suggestions on more information to be added to this alert. First of all, though data may be lost, it is possible to make your games functional (as in able to save new files) again by replacing the battery. Also as an early warning for those who have yet to lose your data, it seems the cartridge will fail to keep time properly when the battery begins to go out. I didn't say it before but meant to-- My sympathies to all of you out there who suffered this same loss!

Welcome, Lovely Spring!


As you may know, Old Man Winter and I don't get along too well for a number of reasons. I always welcome the coming of spring with open arms, so this is a bright and happy day! If you don't share my love for warm weather, then at least you get the consolation prize, the latest Coloring Contest!

As you may also know, this is going to be the final SP! Coloring Contest. It's been a fun run, which will have lasted a full 2 years by the time this new contest is over and judged. So, if you ever felt like joining in but never got around to it, now's the time! If you've ever wanted to win 1st Place and grab the right to request a picture from me, this is your last chance! And on that subject, SP! is now spicing things up by dividing the contest into categories, making it possible for two people to win 1st Place! That means you can double your chances of winning by submitting an entry into each of the two categories. See the Spring '07 Contest page for full details and guidelines.

As for the featured Pokémon, the choices were Milotic, Mewtwo and Cresselia... I thought long and hard about which would be best and decided that one of the two legendary ones would be fitting for the final competition. I really wanted to pick Cresselia, but being without limbs or any noteworthy moving parts (heck, I couldn't even verify if the thing can turn its head or not), it didn't offer much in the way of interesting poses. Thus, Mewtwo is the chosen one. Please join in, get those colors flowing and make this contest the most successful yet!

Some 4th Generation Quickies


Hoo-hah! Three updates in a row, take that! Today's isn't anything to jump up and down about, but the site could definitely use a bit more 4th gen action, so I had some fun whipping up a couple new pictures. Each one took roughly an hour so they don't have my usual refined style, but here they are, Yonawaaru and Porygon Z. I may not have time to draw anything new for awhile, so enjoy.

Dang, that General Photoshop Gallery is getting too big... gonna have to divide it somehow.

A Pleasant Scene, Suitable for the Season


Seeing as I'll soon be drawing yet another piece of prize artwork, I figured I had better dedicate all spare time last night to finishing up the long-overdue, picture for the winner of the summer contest... Yeah, it's been 5 months, but only 3 of them can be blamed on me! ^.^; Yeah, so anyway this new piece has been a long while coming, but I think the results have definitely turned out to be worth the wait. There's something about this picture that really gets me. Flygonzilla really did envision a great request, so I hope they and you like it as much as I do!

Zi Vinnars!


Yes, you read the horribly accented update title correctly, we have the latest coloring contest results! I must say, this was indeed an interesting round of judging, with more discontinuity between the 5 judges' choices than on any previous contest, and what some may have considered unlikely winners. Anyhow, the choices have been made:

1st Place - Ho-oh Lover, 2nd Place - Sandslashtaggerung, and 3rd Place - Roconza

The usual congrats and round of applause to the award holders, and our thanks to all participants who made the contest happen!

Nightyena or Brightyena? Depends On the Colors


The entry period for the Winter Coloring Contest has come to an end, and all participants' submissions can now be found here. There are some mighty fine looking Mightyena in that lot, if I do say so myself. Keep an eye out for the judging results before too long.

In addition to adding the contest entries, I've also taken care of a small but important bit of site cleanup. Previously we had all of our past updates on a single archives page (not a problem at first, but this site's been around for awhile now), but they have now been reorganized by their respective years, so that breaks things up a bit.

Dancing In the Moonlight


I've been so busy recently that I had to let my latest piece of artwork sit nearly done for awhile until I was finally able to work on and finish it late last night. I proudly present Psychic Waltz, done for Emerald Flygon, winner of this past coloring contest who requested it. It features Gardevoir and Gallade, neither of which are particular favorites of mine, but one of the cool things about requests is that I end up doing Pokémon and picture concepts I'd never do otherwise, so it adds variety and diversity to my work. I rather like the way this one turned out, quite different from anything I've ever done.

Flygonzilla's award has been waiting longer to see completion, but I figured it's already so late for so many reasons that it could wait a bit longer--no need to keep Emerald Flygon waiting unnecessarily because of it. Sorry, Flygonzilla! One more thing before I go, I've also added a recent picture I did to the Mega Man gallery. This one really had a lot put into it, so even if MM doesn't strike your fancy, you might enjoy taking a look just the same.

Smells Like Rotton Eggs Around Here...


First new artwork of 2007 is here! While I've been putting a lot of time into the prize artwork I owe to the winners of the past two Coloring Contests, today's addition is just a random picture done for the heck of it. It didn't take all that long (relatively speaking), so I thought I'd finish it up and call it an update... You don't see all that much fan art of Exeggcute lying around, do you?

Merry Christmas! Er, Happy New Year Rather


Welcome to 2007! Though everyone has just finished celebrating the arrival of the new year, today's update is actually a celebration of Christmas. It's a new 3D picture that I did as a present for a dear friend, though I should have uploaded it to the site sooner... Anyway, here's hoping you all like it.

The Cave of Dragonflies
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