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Archives for 2008

That's 3 In 3D In the Last 3 Days!


All right, here come the other two 3D Pokémon I mentioned. First up is Igglybuff: Puffball Playtime, and second is Bronzor: As the Sun Sets. I hope everyone likes them.

Happy November, everybody!

Floating Spirit


Believe it or not I've actually been on a Pokémon kick lately, but I haven't been able to run with it as I've been keeping my focus on higher priority stuff both in real life and elsewhere on the web. I took time out today though, to come up with something new for SP!'s visitors.

I give you a quick and simple, 3D Drifloon. That's all for now, but I did model two other Pokémon as well, so I'll be back with more once I come up with suitable background scenes for them.

Torterra, A Year In the Making


New artwork, Moonlight Torterra done for my friend Splash. You know her by now, right? There's gift art for her all over the site. This time it's for her recent birthday, but there's a bit of a story behind it. Go to the image and read the description for more info...

Also added two sort of new pieces to the Mega Man Gallery.

A Whole New Adventure Begins In Hoenn!


This has been the longest activity gap in the site's history, but I'm not going to waste time saying anything about it other than sorry to have kept everyone waiting for something new.

I'm sorry to say I only have one new piece of artwork to show, however it does have 6 Pokémon in it! This picture is inspired by my little niece's newly begun Pokémon journey. She came to visit recently, I let her play Ruby and she went at it. She's only 7, so it was interesting to see how she played, stopping to talk to everyone even though she can't read a lot of it, searching endlessly in the same grass patch for Pokémon even though I keep telling her she has to move on to find new ones, etc. and the nicknames, you never know what she's gonna come up with!

Johto & Hoenn


It took a little while, but I have the Pokémon search pages up for Johto and Hoenn now, so at last it's easy to find any Pokémon you're looking for on the site! That is, assuming it's on the site to begin with. If not, then it's still easy to find out that it isn't so that you can close Sneasel Plushie! and stomp away furiously. o.o;

Spring Cleaning


The more I've been looking around here lately, the more I see that needs cleaning up, removal, editing, or additions. Basically there's a whole lot of pesky little things that have been hanging around too long, and as of today I've cleared up a few of them.

1. With the coloring contests no longer running, I've changed the "Site Highlights" to recently added, to display two pieces at once instead of just one.
2. The websites page under "More from fab" was far reduced from how it began, and had become so out of date that I did away with it.
3. Three of SP!'s affiliates have been removed, having disappeared or let their sites fall by the wayside.
4. I removed the long-dead topsite link, after trying to sign up at another in its place, only to have repeated failed attempts to join.

Now, none of that can really be considered forward progress, so I have something new as well. Hanging around in the back of my head since this site's beginning, has been the idea of being able to search the site for artwork of a particular Pokémon rather than just being able to browse galleries. It isn't completed yet, but I have implemented this feature for the first and fourth Pokémon generations. You can find the links on the left sidebar as well. This is a simple, yet really major addition I think, and I hope to have the second and third generation lists ready before long.

It Began With A Worthless Pokémon


Here's something a bit different. It all started one day way back while I was laying on the couch playing Pokémon Colosseum. My dad paused to look at the screen, asked what I was playing, and said that one of the Pokémon looked worthless. That Pokémon was... Dunspace! And I had to agree it was a pretty worthless Pokémon as I watched the trainer on the game using a stupid moveset in a totally ineffective way. I thought to myself, Dunspace could really use an evolved form... Now, fast forward a fair bit and you'd find me looking over the new Diamond and Pearl Pokémon set. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was shocked and disappointed to find that so many old Pokémon, particularly the first generation, now had evolved forms when they seemed perfectly fine without them before... Fast forward a bit more to some random date when the Dunsparce memory popped into my mind and I began looking through all the Pokémon, thinking that there were a good many of them which could have benefitted from a new baby or evolution far more than some of the ones that were actually chosen.

So, that brings us to the present, in which I've finally finished a few of the designs I sketched out awhile ago! I don't usually dig fake Pokémon, so this is a bit of a departure for me. Anyway, I hope some of you out there enjoy them. They are, Evolved Dunsparce, Baby Onix, and Evolved Shuckle.

Furthermore, this has prompted me to do some much-needed organization in the Photoshop galleries. The stagnant Eeveelutions Project page has been transformed into the Fake Pokémon Gallery to accomodate these newcomers, and the General Photoshop Gallery which was previously bursting with too much artwork has gotten a bit of relief from taking the coloring contest award artwork out and placing them in their own, new gallery.

And You Thought They'd Never Come...


Halfway through the month and I'm afraid I still don't have any new artwork to share, though I do have a couple of pieces in progress. Today's addition is something I've been meaning to add to the site for ages and ages, the first of the artwork information! You know all the stuff that's always been missing when you click on an image, such as the image's title, a description of it, etc.? Yes, I've finally taken the first step by collecting said information for this 3D gallery. Of course that's only 10 pictures down out of 250+ but you have to start somewhere, right? As always, keep an eye on the site for more artwork and I'll let everyone know whenever art info is in place for other galleries as well.

Sneasel Plushie


First update of the new year, and it isn't even an update! Just for amusement's sake, I thought I'd share the fact that I have now acquired an actual Sneasel plushie. A fan of the site was kind enough to alert me to the existence of one and point me to it on ebay. It actually isn't that great looking, but as the owner of this site, how could I possibly pass it up?

Sneasel Plushie

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