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Archives for 2009

Happy Holidays!


I hope everyone out there had an enjoyable Christmas, even those who don't celebrate it. And a happy upcoming new year to you all! For want of anything better, here are some little pictures I sketched for my neice and nephew on Christmas Eve.

Trainer fab's Status


The other day I turned on Gale of Darkness to reference how some Pokémon look in 3D. It had been nearly a full year since I'd last played, and my entire team had been left at L97. Since the game was already on I decided to go ahead and take them all the way. Suddenly having 6 new L100 Pokémon made me realize that my levels here on SP! were horribly out of date. Well no longer! Normally I don't announce changes in my gaming progress, just silently update them, but this time I've revamped that whole area of the site.

Autumn Also Slips Past


A legendary hunk of metal is heading your way, in the form of a new 3D picture of Registeel! I have little else to say about it, just give it a look.

Summer Slips Past Me


Seems like I keep saying I'll have time to draw sooner or later, which turns out to be later, and later, and later. Well good things come to those who wait. Well, mediocre things at least. I have two new pictures finished today. First up is the Indecisive Ditto, who can't decide which Pokémon to transform into... Second is a plain Venonat, prowling around under cover of darkness.

Metapod Welcomes Us Back


Hello everyone! I apologize for the site being down the past few days. It seems everything is back and running smoothly now. And what do you know, I found time to whip up another quickie piece, Metapod. This was a total spur of the moment picture. I am still hoping to sit down and create some serious Pokémon artwork again once real life settles down a bit.

Long Live Johto!


Has everyone heard the news? Gold and Silver are finally receiving remakes along the lines of Fire Red and Leaf Green! As some of you may know, the Johto games are by far my favorites. I wanted to do something to celebrate this news, but what? Well, doing a piece of artwork did cross my mind, but I ended up going for a different artistic medium that I enjoy playing around in at a very amatuer level, music. I decided to grab my guitar and have some fun with the classic Pokémon Center theme. Now that it's done, I thought why not post it here on this update-deprived site of mine? Again, I'm no pro so listen at your own risk, but I hope some of you out there might enjoy it. I'm hoping to get some new artwork around here soon.

A Happy Belated New Year To You All!


How's 2009 treating everyone? Myself, I'm always a little behind on everything in life, but even more so after the insanity of the holidays. You may have noticed that updates here have been spread pretty thin. I regret to say this will likely be the norm for the foreseeable future. I appreciate everyone visiting the site though, and I do hope you'll continue to do so, because you just never know when I might be able to grab a little time and whip up something new. Today for instance, Gastly and Diglett have suddenly appeared. Ta-da!

The Cave of Dragonflies
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