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Archives for 2010

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!


Even if you don't celebrate the holiday, have a merry Christmas day all the same. Animation, anyone?

Have A Few More


Three more pieces have been added to the iScribble gallery, featuring a number of roughly sketched 5th generation Pokémon including an idiotic ice cream cone...

The Same Notes Again


Two new pieces added to the iScribble gallery, Budew & Bastiodon and Banette Set.

New Gallery: iScribble!


Since I have neither the time nor inspiration for any big Pokémon artwork lately, I've been getting more into the idea of just sketching and doodling for fun whenever I have a few minutes to spare. iScribble, which I mentioned in my last update, is a great atmosphere for that so I've been hanging out there a fair amount lately, primarily drawing 5th gen Pokémon in an attempt to endear them to me since my first impressions were pretty bad.

So, with five pieces so far and likely more to come I decided I'd go ahead and create a new gallery dedicated to these works. Check it out?

5th Gen Scribbles


Has it been that long? My goodness... Sorry everyone, the past two months have been a very, very crappy era in my life.

On the art front, I did some quick images on iScribble last night just for the heck of it. Needed to chill, didn't know what to draw so I opened up my folder full of 5th generation sprites and started picking random Pokémon. Here's what I ended up with.

On a side note, it seems there isn't enough interest in the coloring contest so it has been officially cancelled. Sorry to anyone who was working on an entry.

New Art And/Is Coloring Contest Reminder


Over and month now and submissions for the coloring contest have been minimal thus far. Highly disappointing. So, I'm going to promote it on deviantART to try and bring in some new interest, and I decided to do a semi-coloration of my own to hopefully snatch some more interest. If it fails, well, the fewer entries the better the chances for those who do enter, right?

Sneasel Plushie

Additionally I have a new fire Pokémon image I did recently. May the summer heat last a while.

Hmm? Er... Oops


They say it takes a big man to admit his mistakes, so I guess I must be a big man. Sneasel Plushie doesn't receive much fan mail, so it has unfortunately taken me a long time to notice that my email forwarding has been going to an obsolete address for a good while.

My apologies. The issue has been resolved now, so if you sent in a Coloring Contest entry or have tried to contact me for any reason in semi-recent history and never got a reply, please try again. Do I feel stupid? More so than you know.

2010 Black & White Coloring Contest Begins!


As you can see, the new coloring contest idea was not lost in the chaos of rebuilding the site. After more than 3 years, it's time to get coloring! If you're new around here, this used to be a seasonal tradition. Participants do their best to color the provided line art I have drawn, and the winner earns themselves a picture request. This time the line art features new Pokémon from the upcoming Black and White versions. You can find all the details right here.

I have intentionally left the contest open-ended for now. I'd really like to see a lot of participation, but I may keep my external promotion to a minimum which means it will take time to accumulate entries from the SP!'s regular visitors. More on this later. For now, get coloring everyone!

Sneasel Plushie! Fresh Reboot!


It's finally here, the all new Sneasel Plushie! At first glance I'm sure it seems underwhelming but there's a lot more here than meets the eye. Graphically, I've kept the look and feel pretty much the same as I mentioned would be the case, just tweaked everything enough to give it a bit of crisp, new sharpness. There have also been some small-medium scale organizational changes applied to the site, such as gallery consolidation and art style reclassification, etc. The biggest and most important changes however concern what the site is all about, the Poké fan art!

In the old layout there were gallery pages full of little thumbnail images, and each one opened up a large, full size image. How the horrendousness of that setup escaped my attention for all these years is unfathomable. It pretty much meant that anyone without a large enough monitor could not see the entire piece of artwork all at once. The solution has been a major step forward, saying goodbye to the days of 800x600 and reconfiguring the site to accomodate 1024x768 and higher resolution monitors. This gives the content throughout the site room to expand and breathe, while opening the option of displaying the artwork at a decent, non-thumbnail and non-massive size, which makes for nice, pleasant art browsing without forcing visitors to jump into a large filesize image.

So, every piece of artwork on the site now has a page to call its own, with a browsing sized version of the art and full details, including all the artist comments I've been meaning to get around to writing for the past couple years. It took a lot of work to reboot the site so thoroughly but the more I worked the more obvious it became that it was a long overdue necessity. It feels like the site has a solid foundation on which to continue building. I hope all of you out there will enjoy this new and improved Sneasel Plushie! and will look forward to the Pokémon art of the future!

A Sunny, Summer Afternoon


A new piece of artwork is fresh off the assembly line, Bellsprout's Sunny Afternoon.

It's been over a month since my last report, but I'm finally pleased to announce that the new Sneasel Plushie site is nearly 100% complete! I will be launching it on July 1st so be sure to stop by and see it in all its shiny, new glory.

Things to Come


Did you know that Sneasel Plushie! has been using the same layout and design for 4 1/2 years now? I was rather amazed to realize it myself, and thinking that it could probably use a change of pace after this long got me brainstorming on all kinds of improvements that might be made to the site. It's remarkable how long something can sit and you think it's fine as is, then one day it suddenly occurs to you that it's highly flawed and the solution all along has been a very simple one.

So, I imagine you've gathered by now that I'm working on a new layout for the site! I'm not trying to change the look or feel of the place so much, but the organization and functionality are going to receive some big time upgrading. No estimate yet on when I'll have the new site ready to go but it's well on its way already.

On a side note, does anyone still remember the seasonal coloring contests we used to have here? I'm thinking the time for another is past due. I won't be restarting them as a regular thing, just doing one as a special to liven things up. Keep an eye out for more info in future updates.

What A Fun Week!


At last, I've joined the millions of ecstatic others out there in the wide world who have been enjoying Heart Gold and Soul Silver. It was a week ago that I finally got my copy and I've been spending every minute I can spare on this game! It's been wonderful reliving my favorite Pokémon adventure after having lost my original Silver file years ago.

Of course this hardly qualifies as an update, but it does relate to the site in the sense that I'm very much in a Pokémon mood, which can only be a good thing for the inspiration of new artwork.

War of the Water Weaklings!


What do you know, a new picture! This piece features Horsea and Remoraid in Horsea Used Bubblebeam...

The Cave of Dragonflies
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