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Archives for 2013

Three New Pieces + Now Taking Commissions!


I'd really like an excuse to do more art, and I could really use some extra income right now, so... As the title indicates, I'm now taking commissions! If you like my work, my opening rates are extremely reasonable so I hope you'll consider commissioning me to draw something for you. Artwork can make for good Christmas presents as well.

As a result of this news, I've put together three new images for the sake of having some fresh, relevant samples. So if you're not interested in commissions and just want new art, check out Wigglytuff, Slowking's Surf, and Aggron's Roar.

A New Web On The Web


It has been WAAAY too long since I've drawn a new piece of Pokémon art. But have no fear, Spinarak is here! Initially I just started roughly sketching purely for the sake of breaking the dry spell, but once I got going I really began to enjoy myself, so it ended up much more polished than planned.

In Celebration of the Beginning


Hard to believe it's been fourteen years to the day since I bought my original Red Version and took my first steps on the path of a Pokémon trainer. Feeling inspired to create something for the occasion, I whipped up some Ancient Pokémon since they seemed appropriate representatives.

The Cave of Dragonflies
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