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Pokémon WITS Concludes


Just a quick note here to say that I've officially wrapped up Pokémon WITS, and it's been given its own little spot on the web.

Sneasel Plushie! Joins The Modern Age


TL;DR The site has been reworked/restyled with modern web practices in mind for handling a broad range of screen widths from 320 to 1920.

Now to elaborate, I've been out of the web design game for a long time, letting my knowledge of the evolving web slide for about four years now. Having made all the sites I wanted to back then, and having left a job where I used to put those skills to work, I didn't really have any reason to stick with it. Besides, it seemed like the whole web was just going to WordPress and social media blogs anyway. However...

Back in January 2013, SP! was averaging 1300 unique hits per month. In February 2013 the numbers dropped, and the average per month has been more like 200 ever since. I never understood why, but recently I've begun to think that Google must have changed something about their search results at that time, and in turn hurt this site's rankings. So I recently looked into SEO (search engine optimization), wondering if there's anything I could do to turn things around. Turns out that mobile compatibility is a major aspect, and one that SP! has made no effort to address.

This got me thinking about the vast differences there are between tiny mobile screens and full HD displays, and what new techniques might be out there to build a site that can handle everything smoothly. My quick research turned into a whole day of discovery that was actually really fun, and by the end of it I was convinced that I should, and could with relative ease, make a site to accomodate all sizes. So here we have it! Well, the core of it anyway. I'll be fixing all the little details in the coming days, but all the important elements are in place.

Pokémon WITS Episode 3, Featuring Mega Evolution


Old Sculptures Equals A New Gallery


Sixteen years ago this very day I put money down on my Red Version and began my long and inspirational path down the journey that has been Pokémon. In celebration of this day, I've added a new gallery featuring clay figures I made all the way back in the summer of 1999, just a few months into my fandom. They aren't the greatest works ever (I was young and didn't have the Internet for better reference images back then), but they're not bad either, and having them on the site certainly rounds things out for me artistically. Click the image below to check out a larger group shot on deviantART, or visit the gallery to see each of the 15 pieces individually.

Pokémon Clay Figures

Happy Valentine's Day!


Nidoran Valentine

The Cave of Dragonflies
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