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Autumn '06 Coloring Contest Rules

Entry Guidelines:
1. This contest features Miltank. Get the line art and start coloring!
2. Colors do not have to match the Pokémon's actual colors, so don't feel restricted to them.
3. Backgrounds will be counted in judging the overall appeal of each picture, so do your best to make them as well as the Pokémon look nice! You may use photos in your background, but they will not earn you as much credit as an originally created background.
4. Even though it's an "autumn" contest, you don't have to feature anything pertaining to the season.
5. Save pictures as PNG or JPG preferably, no BMP please!
6. Original line art comes at 1024x1024 pixel size. Please keep your final versions squared, and reduced to no less than 800x800.
7. Submit your entry by sending an to me.
8. Only one entry per person.

Entry Judging:
The judging panel consists of five people who base their decisions on the overall appeal of the coloring and background. These people are not members of the online Pokémon community, and some know next to nothing about Pokémon. This system has proven effective and keeps things fair.

Concerning Prizes:
Prizes are awarded to the top 3 entries as chosen by the judges. Each of the 3 will receive a graphic-award (see previous contests for example) indicating their respective placement. In addition, 1st Place winner earns the right to request a piece of artwork by me, fab*, and 2nd Place winner gets to have a say in which Pokémon shall be featured in the next contest**. All participating entries will be featured on the site, so let that in itself be the goal and have fun coloring!

* In most cases, the request should be for a single Pokémon. In the event that 1st Place does not care to make a request, they may decline or feel free to pass it on to another of the contest participants who did not win.
** 2nd Place gets to select 3 Pokémon of their choice, one of which will be chosen for the next contest. In the event that 2nd Place cannot be contacted in time, this privilege will be passed on to the 3rd Place winner.
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