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2010 Black & White Coloring Contest Rules


The previous SP! Coloring Contest was over 3 years prior, making this more of a "special event" with rules that have been altered a bit. See full guidelines for more details.

Entry Guidelines:
1. This contest features new Pokémon from the upcoming Black & White games. Grab the line art and start coloring! [ PNG ] or [ JPG ]
2. Unlike past contests, this time we want all entries to feature the Pokémon in their official colors. If you are unfamiliar with these, they can be seen here. Naturally we expect and hope to see some variation on the official colors, taking into account mood and lighting of the finished entries. Monochrome (black & white) entries are also permitted.
3. Backgrounds will be counted in judging the overall appeal of each picture, so do your best to make them as well as the Pokémon look nice! Effort is always a plus. For example, photos may be used but they will not earn you as much credit as an originally created background.
4. The line art comes at 1024x768 pixel size. Please keep your final versions the same. If I have to upscale them it will decrease the quality of appearance.
5. Submit your entry by sending it in an e-mail to me.
6. One entry only, please.

Entry Judging:
The judging panel consists of five people who base their decisions on the overall quality and appeal of the coloring and background. These people are not members of the online Pokémon community. This system has proven effective and keeps things fair.

Concerning Prizes:
Graphical awards are given to the top 3 entries chosen by the judges. In addition, the 1st Place winner earns the right to request a piece of Pokémon artwork by me, fab (see previous winners' requests here). All participating entries will be featured on the site, so let that in itself be the goal and have fun coloring!
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