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Eevee's Dilemma

The battle was ending, the young trainer stood
Despite age and bad luck, he was really quite good
He sent out his Eevee, strongest of all
It walked from his side, never stayed in its ball

Each trainer was down to one Pokémon each
Eevee's Trainer could feel it, victory within reach
But as hard as he tried, things always went sour
The opponent's Quilava soon drained Eevee's power

He took all his six to the center, to Joy
Too much desire for winning in a small little boy
As his Pokémon rested and were all being healed
The trainer walked 'round and sulked in a field

Eevee knew to his trainer, winning battles was great
So why with three stones did his trainer hesitate?
Thunder, Water, and Fire would make Eevee stronger
If his trainer would use one, they'd be losers no longer

To Eevee it seemed, the problem would be solved
But deep down inside, Eevee didn't want to evolve
But the choice was his trainer's, that Eevee knew
So why not use a stone, it would still leave him two?

But maybe I'm not worthy enough for a stone
The poor Eevee thought as it sat there alone
Certainly this has to be the case
The poor Eevee said as tears streamed its face

Eevee always felt good, strong, and tough
But suddenly he felt like it wasn't enough
He decided to leave, and he ran out the door
Eevee ran past its trainer and would be his no more

The trainer was shocked and pursued for awhile
Till the pain in his side stopped him after a mile
His Eevee had left him and was not coming back
He feared for its safety should wild Pokémon attack

The Eevee ran far, more than it thought it could
It had reached the next town, so far so good
For a day it roamed, searching always for snacks
Its stomach rumbled from just a few little scraps

But at least he was free, no more disappointing
Eevee imagined his ex-trainer rejoicing
No more 'cause of Eevee would the kid lose a fight
But deep in his heart, Eevee didn't feel right

For two more days Eevee prowled in the woods
Nature and berries, sure beat neighborhoods
But just as he began to have a good time
A Dark Pokémon came and slashed a few times

Eevee was totally caught off its guard
This Dark one was tough, it had hit Eevee hard
Frightened and confused, he ran from the foe
But soon Eevee got lost and knew not where to go

It fell to the ground, its messed fur in a heap
With no energy left, Eevee fell into sleep
He thought he saw a Beedrill when he opened one eye
But it left in a hurry, flew off in the sky

A short while later, Eevee opened both eyes
What he saw then was quite a surprise
The trainer he'd left, lay there by his side
Eevee realized he loved him, and so simply cried

Still tired and weak, Eevee rested even longer
But this ordeal had helped both their love grow much stronger
And in the end, everything all worked out
Both knew that winning wasn't what it was about

But just the same, all their problems were solved
As both lay there sleeping, Eevee evolved
The sun was up, the stars were gone
Eevee had evolved into Espeon

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