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Archives for 2011

Feeling Nosey?


No, the site's not dead! Every time you think it is, that's probably when I'll suddenly appear. Haha! So, how about today's date? I knew I couldn't let it pass without immortalizing it in an update, and I've been in a Pokémon mood lately anyway. So, I grabbed a sketch that's almost a year old and turned it into a finished pic of Nosepass. I think it looks pretty nice considering I'm not very fond of Nosepass... Of course there's a reason why I've drawn a Pokémon I don't like. More on that later.

One Pic, Six Pokés


If you're getting tired of all the scribbles around here, you're in luck. I spent most of yesterday working start to finish on a new piece that's a little more in the neighborhood of my higher quality works. Have a look at Fifth Gen Chosen and read the description to see what all went into it.

Four Pics, Six Pokés


Four new images featuring six Pokémon have been added to the iScribble gallery. Apologies for the long silence.

More Johto Soul


I've added a second part to my Johto Soul Journal. That's all for now. Happy May everyone!

Soul Silver Hall of Famers


One year ago at this very moment I was happily beginning my journey through Johto with Chikorita. In other words I'd just started playing my new Soul Silver version. I have a couple of things to celebrate the occasion with today.

First up, I've added a new fan fic of sorts. It's a journal styled write-up of my progress through the game. For fellow Johto lovers I hope it's an enjoyable read and I've tried to make it interesting and even humorous along the way. You can find it here. Secondly, if you follow the story you'll get to know these Pokémon. I've made this commemorative image in honor of the team that carried me to victory at the Pokémon League.

The 5th Generation Has Arrived


The English versions of Black & White have been out for 9 days already. Don't have them myself, and I've been too busy to play them even if I had them and wanted to. Nevertheless, it seems only appropriate that the site reflect the new era. To that end I've added a Unova search, over there on the left side bar, see it? So, that makes it easy to find any particular 5th generation Pokémon and see if it has art here on SP! Furthermore, I've added official info pages and descriptions for the iScribble gallery, which is incidentally made up mostly of 5th gen pictures. Aaand, while you're checking that out, you may notice there are also two new images there to see, featuring Swadloon, Musharna, Lampent, and Stunfisk.

Scraping Something Together


Happy new year, everyone! A little late, am I? Yes, well, I haven't had the time for much Pokémon art lately. My apologies. Lack of activity certainly hasn't stopped the traffic to the site climbing way up though. It must be the Black & White hype.

Anyhow, in the past month I've managed to scribble up some new stuff. Not much. Head to the iScribble gallery and see for yourself.

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