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Archives for 2012

Splashie's Samurott Swirl


Well it may not be a Christmasy picture, but it's for a friend for Christmas. Enjoy Samurott Swirl! Happy holidays!



I couldn't resist somehow immortalizing such a cool date on the site, so I drew a quick picture for the occasion. Originally I was thinking of maybe drawing twelve Pokémon but that seemed a bit too ambitious by the time today actually rolled around.

Hardly Ghostly


Felt the urge to do some kind of Pokémon artwork the other day and ended up outlining and coloring a sketch I'd done sometime last year, Rotom Wash.

Another Happy Birthday to Splashie!


I've drawn a new piece, Leafy Harmony, for my friend Splash for her birthday. More information about it can of course be found on its page in the gallery.

Collaborations Incoming


Rather than apologize for the longest drought in the site's history, I'm going to thank all the visitors who keep coming regardless. Hits to the site are as strong as ever and that tells me that people are continuing to appreciate what SP! has to offer, recent updates or not. Makes me happy.

Anyhow, I'm adding two new yet old pieces to the site, both of which were collaborative pieces in which someone else did the line art and I did the coloring and shading. I don't really have a good place for them which I guess is why I never included them on the site before, but hopefully they'll hold things over until I can find time to do some serious art again. Presenting Violent Night and PK's Roselia.

Doodle, Doodle, Doodle


Nothing too exciting, but two new pictures have made it into the iScribble Gallery with six 5th generation Pokémon between them.

A Pokémon For All Seasons


Sorry it's been a while (as usual). Most years I manage to get something up around the holidays, but I fell behind this time. In fact, today's new artwork is acutally a late Christmas present for my friend Splash. She mentioned how much she loves Sawsbuck and so I decided to go all out and do all four seasonal versions for her. I certainly enjoyed making them so I hope everyone enjoys viewing them.

The Cave of Dragonflies
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