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Summer '05 Coloring Contest Winners

Judging Notes

This was the first SP! coloring contest so one would expect a few bumps, but in fact the judging system seemed to work out quite well. Five judges each selected their four favored pieces in order, and points were awarded to each picture in accordance with their placement within the orders. Interestingly, though entries were neither limited to nor judged on the basis of the Pokémon's actual colors, it just so happens that all three of the top winners used pretty regular colors on their Butterfree. Some unfair judging might be suspected, if not for the fact that three of the judges had no idea what a normal Butterfree is supposed to look like. In closing, it should be noted that each judge took great care to look at and consider all entries, and it was not easy to choose the most appealing from such a marvelous collection of submissions! The winners should be quite proud!

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place
The Cave of Dragonflies
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