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Avatars & Desktop Icons

Part of an online community or communities? Everyone likes to change their image now and then, so Sneasel Plushie! has a variety of avatars for use. They are all the standard 100x100 pixel size used by many forums and message boards. You can even feel free to direct link (hotlink) them, as we have bandwidth to spare. If someone should happen to ask where your avatar came from we hope you'll point them to Sneasel Plushie!

Right-Click and select Properties to get an avatar's web location.

If you enjoy personalizing your PC as much as possible, here are some icons you can use on your desktop to liven things up in Pokémon fashion! Additionally, for webmasters who know how to use them, we have a few "favicons" which you may feel free to use as well.

Right-click and "Save Link/Target As" to save them into your computer.

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