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fAB's Fan Fiction

I rarely read fan fiction, and likewise I hardly ever write it either... However, on rare occasions I have been known to both read and write a bit of it. My small collection of Pokémon fan fiction is all right here.

Johto Soul Journal

All my greatest Pokémon memories go along with visions of Johto. When the battery died in my original Silver cartridge and my file was lost it was most depressing. When Soul Silver came out it was a perfect opportunity to relive those wonderful times and I decided to make a record of them as I went--something more solid to look back on than hazy memories. Rather than just write down what happened as I went along, I thought it would be more fun to give it the perspective of an actual trainer's journal.

Vulpix By My Side

Collected story segments following the journey of a true Pokémaniac.
Ice Cave Calamity
Blackthorn Battle
Dragon Dance

Eevee's Dilemma

A poem that won 2nd place in a contest, long ago.
Read One-Shot

The Cave of Dragonflies
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