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Cartoony Creature Commissions

I am now taking commissions for Pokémon and similar such critters, including original characters of this sort. This site is full of my artwork so you can get a good feel for my range of style and ability. Being new to commissions, I'm setting my starting prices low, so take advantage of them while they last! Use the pricing guide and reference images below to get a feel for the approximate cost of the image you desire

Pricing & Samples

Define Your Design:

Base Price: $5
Base Price: $7
Base Price: $9

Design complexity perception is subject to factors such as the amount of lines, number of colors, desired pose, etc.

Choose Your Shading Style:

Flat Color/Empty
No Charge
Anime/Cel Shading
Add $1
Smooth Shading
Add $4

Basic, flat colors are included in the Base Price (you can also request line art only if, for example, you want to color and shade it yourself). For simple, anime style shading, add $1 to the Base Price. For full, smooth shading, add $3 to the Base Price.

Choose A Background Type:

Flat Color/Gradient
No Charge
Abstract Background
Add $1
Full Scene
Aggron's Roar
Add $4

Flat colors or simple gradient backgrounds are included in the Base Price. For a simple, abstract background, add $1 to your Total Price. For a full scene background (nothing too detailed or elaborate), add $3 to your Total Price. You can hover over the sample images above to see what the finished products would cost, respectively. You can also click to view them at full size.

Commission Process

Step 1
Once you've figured out all the details of your desired commission and are aware of the general price involved, send me an email with your request. Be sure to include reference images for existing characters and mention anything specific, such as line width (for example if you want thick lines for a more cartoony look) and character pose, etc. I will also draw original characters for which no previous artwork exists, though it will add an additional $2 to the Total Price. If your request is such a character, be sure to include a detailed description of its appearance.

(You may also email me with inquiries if you have a commission idea not covered in the guidelines above, such as an extremely detailed scene you'd like drawn, multiple characters, etc.)

Step 2
I will do my utmost to reply within a few days (if you haven't heard back within a week, please resubmit). Assuming I am willing to take on your commission, I will provide you with an itemized invoice and await payment in USD through PayPal. Please be sure you have read and agree to the current Terms & Conditions before paying (I try to keep them concise).

Step 3
Once I have received payment I will get to work on your request as soon as I am able. I will send you an initial rough sketch of your character for form and pose approval. Let me know what, if anything, needs tweaking. With your approval I will proceed to finish the image as specified in your original request. Once your commission is complete, I will send you a preview quality version of the final product and await your approval once again. Once the final details are hammered out, if any, I will provide you with the official, high quality result.

Terms & Conditions

What You Are Paying For
All commissions are digital only. In the end you will receive a 300 dpi printable version of your image, sized at or about an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper. Additionally you will receive a smaller, web-friendly version.

Unless otherwise negotiated, I retain all rights to all my commissioned work, including but not limited to posting it online as part of my portfolio. You as the client are entitled to print, copy, and distribute the commissioned files, provided that you do so for personal, non-commercial use only; you may not resell my work. Where appropriate, please be sure to provide proper credit to me as the artist.

Turnaround Time
Though I will always attempt to deliver commissions in a timely manner, you acknowledge that fast turnaround may not always be possible due to a number of circumstances, and I am not obligated to produce results in any set amount of time.

Refund Policy
I will happily provide a full refund for any commission on which I have yet to begin work. Once I have begun work on your commission you may still request a refund, but I will no longer be obligated to provide one. If, for whatever reason, I fail to deliver then you will be entitled to a full refund regardless of work done.

These Terms & Conditions may be altered without notice, at my discretion. Commissions in progress shall remain subject to the Terms & Conditions as they appeared at the time of payment.

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