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The Great SP! Clue Hunt

If you have no interest in clue hunting, riddle guessing or puzzle solving, then this is not the place for you.


Sneasel Plushie! is pleased to present, The Great SP! Clue Hunt! You may have seen similar pages on other web sites, but this is probably the most extreme one you're likely to encounter outside of a site dedicated to such things. Should you choose to give it a shot you will have to not only follow the hints to find the clues, but figure out what to do once you've found them! It's not supposed to be easy, but it's not insanely difficult either. If you are a resourceful person with a knowledge of Pokémon, this site, and can use your head to figure out why the clues are set up the way they are, then you stand a good chance.

Being the riddle-loving guy that he is, we've invited Blaine to be your guide through this game. You're looking for 8 pieces of the puzzle in all. Blaine will give you hints on where to look, but will he lead you to one of the pieces, or just another hint?

Getting Started

Think you're ready to try? You'll need a push in the right direction... Let's just say that if you were Sneasel Plushie, the first clue would be as plain as the nose on your face. If you can figure out what that means, then you're on your way.

Think You've Got It?

When and if you feel you have solved the puzzle and conquered the clue hunt, email in with SP! Clue Hunt as your subject. Give your answer and a brief description of how you arrived at your conclusion. If you are correct, you will earn a free picture request! If you are incorrect, you will receive an email reply of "Nope, sorry."

Only the first person to get it right can request a full color CG piece of artwork. Further correct entries may request a black and white, hand-drawn image. Good luck!
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