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Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ page... It's a humble site, so the questions don't exactly pour in.

I Sent You An Email But Never Heard Back. Did You Get It?

Maybe I did, maybe I didn't... I'll be the first to admit that I'm often slow to reply to emails so don't worry if you don't hear back right away. However, sometimes your email may not reach me. As sort of a filter, all the email links on this site automatically fill in the email's subject, beginning with "SP!" so that I know it's someone contacting me through the site. If an email you sent did not have SP! at the beginning of the subject then there's a very good chance it was deleted before I saw it. Even if the subject says "Your Art Site" or something similar, it won't always catch my eye.

What Program Do You Use For Your 3D artwork?

A lot of people ask me about this. At present (2013) all 3D artwork featured on this site was done with Corel Dream3D, an old fossil of a program. Granted it can produce some nice pictures if you know what you're doing, but I've had the program since 1998, so it's definitely a relic. If you're interested in trying your hand at 3D art, I recommend Blender. It's awesome, and it's free!

Do You Take Requests?

Not anymore I'm afraid. However, I do take commissions now. Oh, but there are ways to earn requests, if you're the winner of one of Sneasel Plushie's Coloring Contests. They used to be a seasonal event but have since stopped. You never know when they might start up again though. ;) You can also earn a request by collecting clues.

How Do I Get In Touch With You For Whatever Reason?

It's as easy as sending me an email. Just keep in mind I don't always write back right away.

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